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    Brain Power (Qingyuan) Co.,Ltd 's headquater is located in Taipei city,  invested to construct PCB production plant in mainland China on March 1996, as a professional manufacturer of Memory stickers and OEM circuit boards ,BP have employees from the original  more than 40 staffs, developing to today's more than 1800 staffs.The company's registered capitals are   from USD 2.5million (RMB 20millios) original to today's  USD 65.17millions (RMB 445 millions).


    Brain Power( Qingyuan) Plants were  constructed in Jiafu Industry Zone, Qingyuan Hi-Tech Development Part on March 2005, will be the world largest production zone of modules and PCB board, supply almost 60% of the global market demands. The manufacture accupies areas of 170,000 square metres,  are introducing the advanced equipments for producing and testing PCB boards from German, Japan, USA, and Taiwan etc., We have high-quality management talents and engineering technical teams. Our monthly production capacities are over 800,000 sqin. We have passed ISO-9001、ISO-14001、OHSAS-18000, and UL  certification in management and qualityof products. Fully quality assurances are the absolute gurantee for the fast delivery. Endless striving for excellence, quality first, service first and credit first are our company's purposes. The foundations of our marketing competition are good reputation and flexible marketing activities.

    Our company upholds business philosophy: customer satisfaction, quality is the first priority, talents training, and professional production. We offer our best service to our clients at home and overseas. We do never forget to improve the staffs quality and strive to build high quality company culture when we expand the production capacity and promot the fast growth of our company. In our future development, we will be in the line of our strategic spirit ' foothold on the mainland,and global development ',  exploit market based on our headerquarter in south China, and push into the oversea market. Our branch office in USA, Austria, HK etc have been setting up successively from 1993, in order to realize our business aims to become the world largest manufacture of memory stickers,  PCB and OEM circuit boards.


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Address: Economic Development Zone, Guangdong Province, Qingyuan Yinzhan Ka Fuk Industrial Zone Industrial Park, Tel :0086-763-3697551/6862688
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